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    The use of the right lenticular manufacturer and effect is the prerequisite for the best result. Because of the wide scope of application, lenticular images have been applied to different products in vast variety of different industries. The following pictures only demonstrate some of its uses. For details, please call our marketing staff by email: sales@promotionalbest.com
What is Lenticular
    Lenticular is a unique printing technology that allows the vivid illusion of movement, morphing, and 3 dimensional to be portrayed onto a 2D printing surface. The core part of this state-of-art technology is a plastic sheet with parallel rows of cylindrical convex "lenticules" on one surface. According to the required effects, the original image(s) are undergone special manipulation and sliced up like the skin of Zebra horses by the process called "interlacing" - one slice corresponds to one image. These sliced images are then either printed on paper and then laminated to, or directly printed on the flat side of the lenticular sheet. Through light refraction of these tiny lenses, and precisely and seamlessly positioning, the images underneath would show up the required effects.



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