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    3D Promotional:Promotional products are exceptional tools for building brand identity. Customized products are far more cost efficient than paid advertising. They can also convey a strong impression of your product or service. Promotional products appeal to your target customers and give them a reason to help you advertise to other potential customers.
Promotional products are an extremely affordable form of advertising. Unlike print or broadcast advertising, promotional items do not quickly expire. A promotional product remains valuable as long as the item can be used. The long-term value of promotional products make them extremely affordable advertising. By the time a promotional product is retired by the customer, it has long since justified its original production cost.


3D Cup 6
Name: 3D Cup 6
Number :3 D--C006
Specifications: 6.9*5.5*12(H)cm
Category :3D Promotional Cups
Packing size: 48*35*42cm/360pcs

Custom Design
Promotional--3D cup  

3D Cup 7
Name: 3D Cups 7
Number: 3D--C007
Specifications:3D Gifts
Packing size: 51*35*62cm/72pcs
Category :3d Lenticular
Custom Design

Promotional--3D cup  

3D Cup 8

Name: 3D Cups 8
Number: 3D--C008
Category :3d Lenticular Cups
Packing size: 52*35*45cm/48pcs

Custom Design

Promotional--3D cup  

3D Cup 9
Name:3D Cups 9
Specifications: 8.1*8.1*9.2(H)cm
Category :3d Lenticular Cups
Packing size:50*33.5*48cm/120pcs

Custom Design
Promotional--3D cup  



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