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Cosmetology Modeling Body

Name:Cosmetology Modeling Body

The thin face beautiful skin expert
This product improves the human body face the loose muscle because the year to pass, and effectively decorates the face curve, the return to original state youth dresses up. The aerocyst type gasification massage, oppresses the face, achieved pats the face the effect. Using the electronic pulse effect, comfortably lets you be relaxed.


Name: Cosmetology Modeling Body

The multi-purpose face improve looks tender skin apparatus
This products can rubs the armor (beautiful armor), the foot nurses, the face massage, the face is clean and so on the function to a body, is the beautiful skin health care, personally nurses first choice. This stems from the Italian famous teacher to design, introduces US personally to nurse the apex technology development to become.


Name: Cosmetology Modeling Body

The multi-purpose abundant chest physical therapy machine This products uses the high tech microorganism electricity principle function to the human body chest. Stimulates the estrin and the progestin secretion, awakens increases the breast. Operates simply, convenient, is advantageous for carries with depositing



Name:Cosmetology Modeling Body

This product use human body impedance to survey body fat quantity. Input height Age Body weight Parameter and so on carries on the survey. Only needs 6 seconds observable results, may store up 9 persons of parameters. The volume is small, artistic, is advantageous for carries with depositing.



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