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    Cup is not only a popular article for use, but also is the one of the most common article for advertising. It is gather with publicize and enjoy, art and Personalized. It can use as gift, promotion, advertising, and Personalized article. You can make a beautiful, color picture on your cup. It is very easy to operate and finished within three minutes.

   Happy is derived from life, you print the photo of yourself or your friends’ on the cup, together with you everyday, you can feel the kind of mellowness and warmth, it is a happy thing. You can print love photo of you on figuline cup, show Personalized charm. It can not only use as gift each other, but also as the cup of yourself.


Advertising Promotional--Figuline Image Cup 1
Advertising Promotional--Figuline Image Cup 2
child--digital figuline star--digital figuline
Model:c01 Size:5*11cm Model:c02 Size:9.3*21cm

Advertising Promotional--Figuline Image Cup 3 Advertising Promotional--Figuline Image Cup 3
Digital Figuline,personalized products advertising products, Digital Figuline
Model:c03 Size:15cm DIA Model:c04 Size:10*16cm

Advertising Promotional-- Digital Figuline1 Advertising Promotional-- Digital Figuline2
Gifts,Presents,Souvenirs Gifts,Presents,Souvenirs
Model:c05 Size:10*16cm Model:c06 Size:5*9cm


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