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EL is a new light source with the follow advantages;various kinds of multiple lighting color,soft ,non-glare,flash at will,adjustable;and it is very thin (0.2mm) so that it can be inflected freely .Lastly,EL is called cold light source because there is no heat generated in using. The products have been penetrated into the various fields such as apparatus meters,advertisement,sales promotion,watch&clock manufacture,mobile phone ,toy manufacture,transportation designation,night-view in urban cities and so on.

This product can be used to decorate iridescent toys, iridescent craftworks, thunderbolt eyes, twinkling dog neck straps, twinkling dog-lead straps, backpacks, hats, handbags, clothes, shoelaces, shoe surfaces, bicycles, iridescent handset laces, and other articles.

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EL HAT 001 EL HAT 002

EL HAT 003 EL HAT 004

EL HAT 005 EL HAT 006

EL HAT 007 EL HAT 008


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