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Eye Massager Series

Name:Eye Massager Series
26 magnetite make up little circulation magnetic field, can dispel eye fatigue effectively . Nine kinds of massage way circulation massage, promote the blood circulation , relax the brain nerve. Can prevent from eyes to be near-sighted , know the eyes bag effectively


Name: Eye Massager Series

22 permanent magnetism massage, the contact acts on all important point around the eye. Can mix a set of natural music which accords with human body's physiological metre in verse , stimulate the centre of sense of hearing. Dispel brain fatigue , resume ciliary muscle elasticity , thus get the result of preventing near-sightedly


Name: Eye Massager Series
NO.: PBUH-0660

Adopt far infrared to heat , microcomputer chip control technology develop ". Three major functions are outstanding : Atmospheric pressure, heating and vibration. Six kinds of manual massage modes. Have an automatic keep-fit massage procedure , help eye oxygenation to hold openly in place with a net.



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