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Foot Massager Series

Name:Foot Massager Series
This product treats the principle according to the low frequency pulse, reach and ease pain , improve the blood circulation, function of the neural musculature of excitement . Act on the human surface through far infrared thermotherapy, reach and subside swelling to stop the pain , promote the function of the supersession. Act on the human body through the outer electrode, can avoid injecting pain of the law , does not damage the skin . Through plasma generator change bacterium structure around, change energy to reach , sterilize , diminish inflammation , remove dust , except that health care function of the peculiar smell. Have 99 electromagnetic wave efforts, 25 massage mode, cooperate with trim figure reduce weight belt, stick one on the electrode two times, reach the physiotherapy result that you need.


Name:Foot Massager Series

Microcomputer spiral promotion vitality keeping in good health machine
Removes in vivo toxin, by the reputation is "in vivo taking a bath machine" the clean blood vessel, the promotion blood circulation dredges the channels and collaterals, the unimpeded vitality, delays senile strong internal organs each tube, the improvement digestion absorption function □activation cell, the enhancement metabolism, advances the immunity function


Name:Foot Massager Series

The second-generation beautiful leg rubs- pinches massager
Uniquely rolls the wheeled circulation massage The surface is equipped with four massages cams which designs according to the human body foot shape The hoop and rubs pinches installs in turn, according to foot, leg curve design, thus achieved restores the vigor, extends effect which the muscle invigorates the blood


Name:Foot Massager Series

Far infrared thermotherapy foot massage
This has 12 sections of high frequency vibrations, 8 sections of far infrared adjustments □may achieve the vitality is unimpeded, the acceleration blood circulation, enhances the oxygen spirit and the antibiotic promotion metabolism, the strengthened cell, the enhancement immunity registering chronograph and swings controls the installment, facilitates the health


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