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Forever Flashlight with CellPhone Charger
Promotional Item No.: PBYF501C
Export Price for reference:
US$6.65/pc FOB Shenzhen
Quantity<500pcs(small order):
US$7.5- 15 /pc Ex-work Shenzhen factroy

Self power Forever Flashlight with CellPhone Charger MP3 charger SK-YF501C. Self power eternity flashlight with cellphone charger

3LEDS,3*15000 MCD Candle power
Generate light power anywhere, any time without power source
3 minute wind-up gives you light power up to 30-45 minutes.
Charge for any cellphones and mp3 player.

HOW to :Use the torch
1.pull the handle out from the back of the torch.
2.Rotate the handle in one direction steadily (either clockwise or anti-clockwise).
3.press the rubber switch to turn the LEDS lighting on of off.

HOW to: charge in mobile phone (or Mp3 player.)
1.plug the connector cable to the torch.
2.pull the handle out from the back of the torch.
3.Rotate the handle in one direction steadily (either clockwise or anti-clockwise)10-20 seconds quickly.
4.plug to the mobile phone. battery icon charge processing on.
5. Sos warning functions: accident or emergency situations, press the warning switches will show red, white and blue lights spinning.
Keep switch at ¡°off¡± position when continues
Do not point the light to the eyes
Keep switch at ¡°off¡± position while recharging
Keep rotation in one direction steadily
Charge fully (10 minutes wind-up) before use
Apply some charge before storage. Do not store device for extended periods of time without charging. Recharge battery every 3 months during storage.
Avoid frequent full discharge to put additional train on the battery
Name: SOS flashlight
Model: PBSK-YF-501C
Product Size: 146*46*50mm
Pack Type: colour box packing
Pack Size: 63*46*37cm
G.W: 16kg
MEANS: 62*42*31 Cm
QTY: 80pcs/ctn


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