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   If you're an avid camper, hiker, mountain climber, fisherman or just have a fetish for torch lights, the Forever Flashlight is an essential survival tool ensuring you'll never be stuck without light...even in the most undesirable weather conditions.

Shaking the torch causes a high strength magnet to pass back and forth between a wire coil (Faraday's Law of Induction at work here for all you science boffins), powering an ultra bright LED for about 5 minutes from a simple 30 second charge - excellent wrist exercise right?

The Forever Flashlight is virtually guaranteed for life as the LED lasts over 100,000 hours and the flashlight can be recharged over a million times. If you do manage to recharge it this many times, please let us know so we can feature you in the Guinness Book of Records (and Planet Ark for the number of batteries you've saved).

Forever Flashlight Led Flashlight

Item No.:PBMS-503
Forever Flashlight with Radio

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Item No.:PBSL-338
Forever Flashlight

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Item No.:PBHW-2187
Battery-free swinging arm torch(forever flashlight)

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Item No.:PBSL-228
Eternity Flashlight/Hand shaking Forever Flashlight(Middle)

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Item No.:PBSL-388
Eternity Flashlight

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