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Advertising--Change Picture

   Change Picture: There is a classical "seven second"principle in advertising psychology,if an advertising can attract customer beyond seven second,at least,there are 70% people are interested in your products,even though he/she don't need.If you want to make your product attract customer,the best way is using ad change picture.
   Your Photos, Logos, Business Cards, Calendars, Recipes, "Save the Date" Wedding Favours can be turned into 3D Promotional. We are able to print almost anything on to a 3D Promotional.You may send your image as a Jpeg, EPS or PDF file, in an email attachment.We believe we offer an excellent service and fast turnaround for our products, Custom Made Promotional, Collectors Promotional and Promotional gifts, as well as Save the Date 3D Promotional. We specialise in short runs, as well as long.



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