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Massage Chair Series

Name:Massage Chair Series
This article design according to the tiny circulating medical principle and engineering science of human body.
Advanced intelligence designated measure position, may carry out automatic intensity regulation according to different bodily form.
Human nature menu controller, may download or play MP3 music.
Including rubs, pats, knocks and rolls to one whole.
Each position type massage of air pressure, leg department sets up the automatic function of ascend and descend , lets you enjoy with heart, it is happy and incomparable


Name: Massage Chair Series

The product back is furnished with six drive mechanisms, furnished with the
humanized massage manipulator and truss up the vibration machine. It is big.
Shank gasbag type massage, the shank accuses of the automatic rising
function a little. In key position massage , can promote the angry blood
circulation , relieve fatigue.


Name: Massage Chair Series

Relaxation, comfortable, it is relieved the pressure. Neck shoulder carry waist set up four kneading massage organization. The shank splint is kneaded, the back. Shank shelf can natural to go up and down. The microcomputer is controlled, easy to operate



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