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Massager Promotional Gifts

Name:Massager Promotional Gifts

This article is carried according to the life demand of person conveniently , is easy to keep.
Design is beautiful, is consumer especially the best healthy companion of female.
4 kings of display , is big and little two kinds to select at will, and it has 6 kinds of massage pattern for use..


Name:Massager Promotional Gifts

The palm low frequency 4 pastes electronic physiotherapy instrument
The design of this product is exquisite , It is carried and kept conveniently.
It application electronic technology of low frequency and liquid crystal display that R&D has the various different massage way and intensity of needle therapy.
May alleviate various disease, muscle pain, neuralgia disease


Name: Massager Promotional Gifts

2 joins 1 Multi-function physiotherapy massage slippers This article is designed according to the enough department acupoint of human body and the needle therapy of traditional Chinese medicine study principle to carry out.
Through the slippers conductive grain and massage of silica gel, paste each acupoint for the enough department of human body to carry out massage.
Using the electronic technical and pulse biological current of low frequency, take affect in each acupoint of the enough department of human body , may aim at difference Position carries out effective physiotherapy. 1pc/box, box size: 30x20.7x6c; 24pcs/carton, carton size: 60x38.5x42cm  


Massager Promotional Gifts
This article carry out vibration massage for the enough department of human body, so reach to increases chances for health .
Design is beautiful, portable , and has to transport infrared physiotherapy.
For each enterprise or business unit, putting on weight do good to award , present the best gift of relatives and friends. 

Massager Promotional Gifts

This article uses heat energy with the combination of thump massage, each position for the needs of human body goes on and the massage of strength at will.
Design according to the hand-type, being sharp for each enterprise or business unit to put on weight reward and present the best gift of relatives and friends.

Massager Promotional Gifts

This article is designed according to human nature , it is unique thump massage function to let you get the enjoyment to the whole heart, is also the best companion of vehicle friends.
May use under automobile DC12V voltage with heart , let vehicle friends get relaxed massage when it is worn out..
It is the best promotion gift of automobile distributors.


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