What is your minimum ordered quantity? We don't impose any particular minimum ordered quantity to our clients. However, we do suggest our client to make at least 1,000 lenticular sheets to achieve the most economic production run. It was calculated based on our normal working size of 14" x 20" for PET or 16 x 20" for PVC. For instance, for 5cm diameter PET lenticular 3d sticker, we could make 54pcs per sheet and thus our suggested minimum ordered quantity will be 54,000pcs, say 54pcs per sheet x 1000 sheets of our suggested minimum. 5. Will you accept order with quantity less than your suggested minimum? Yes, but please be reminded that the most economic production run is always achieved based on suggested minimal ordered quantity. If your project is not big in scale, please contact our marketing staff for discussion, we will try our best to make it happen. .
Sample Pictures:All pictures can be maked into not only 3D painting,advertising promotion products,business gifts and 3D albums, also you can chose two or three pictures
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