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    Crystal Photo:Crystal is beautiful,pure, and brilliant article. It can show dignity and fashion status of owner, and is the best choice for collection and gift. Besides, it has help to health. The ancients think it can avoid evil, protect and gather wealth, can bring happy and long life, detoxifcation and avoid injured, using as protect symbol. The modern think crystal is limpidity and transparent, can enjoy from two sides. Luminescence and pointedness, the more brush, the more bright. The image is stable and not fade, it is very hard, resist grind, resist washing, resist ache and alkali. It can show owner’s elegance quality, it is the perfect unification between art and souvenir.

   Product Introduction: Crystal image is the technology via high temperature formation of a imagine, it can print your photo and you like star photo on crystal, it isn’t fade and save easily.


Blinking Crystal Jewel
Crystal Lamp Holder
Crystal,Crystal Photo Personalized Products
Model:c01 Size:5*11cm Model:c02 Size:9.3*21cm

Crystal Plate Crystal Mandarin Duck
Personalized Products,Crystal Photo Crystal Photo,Personalized Products
Model:c03 Size:15cm DIA Model:c04 Size:10*16cm

Blinking Crystal Jewel Blinking Crystal Jewel
Crystal ,Figuline Advertising Products,Personalized Products,Promotional
Model:c05 Size:10*16cm Model:c06 Size:5*9cm

Crystal Sun Flower Crystal Sun Flower
Advertising Products,Personalized Products,Promotional Advertising Products,Personalized Products,Promotional

Model:c07 Size:15cmDIA

Model:c08 Size:10cmDIA


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