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     Here are Christian's comments on the track:

The basis for writing this song was to explore Crystal. "Crystalline" is the result of my first contact with the synth. I tried to find the "language" and spirit of Crystal, to see and hear what it can do.

I began by browsing the presets and started with a sequence, the Rave Master preset. After that I searched for a preset to enhance the sequence and used the PotomacToms. The sequence was done and I began to structure the track and added the SwirlyQ pad. This pad works every 16 bars as an introduction for the AuntyEM pad.

Once the Pads were done, I needed a melody. The next sound was the Wider Pulse. It was so much fun to play this sound that I began to move the pitch wheel and I played this pad like a solo instrument. The song was developing nicely. Now I went over to the next category, the Swells. Swell 10 was the right one and I used it in the same way as the SwirlQ pad. Both sounds fitted together perfectly.

Finally I realised that I needed some high tones or FX and went over to the Bell sounds. The Trouble Bells were a great surprise and I simply had to use them.

Browsing through the presets again inspired me to move all tracks 17 bars away from the start and play a small "strange" intro. The -Ambient- preset was great for that. -I couldn stop! Long Journey, Who in there and the Pennzoil preset finished the intro and built nice tensions throughout the whole song. Adding external effects (Reverb,EQ,Delay and Comps), a quick mastering and the "Crystaline" song was born.

Just browsing the presets inspired me to record all tracks. The modulation matrix is brilliant to mutate the sounds in an easy way and give the sounds a character while you play. I assigned the Modulation Wheel to the Filter Cutoff and Resonance on most of the presets. After 6 Crystal instances I must bounce to 32bit Cubase wav files and the track uses 12 instances in all.


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