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   Figuline culture of China is of long standing and famous of world, Figuline art works are the stand for dignity,elegance and forever. All chinese would like to have a statuary. In the past, because of manual work,the difficulty of technology is very big. The revert rate of color is also bad, in addition, the price are expensive. It is cost severial hundred yuan for a 8 inch statuary. Computer figuline is published, which can make color figuline by machine, only need several minutes. Not only its color is beautiful, but also the price is cheaper and easily keep. Every can do birth record, children mirror, birthday memory, youth mirror, wedding figuline, commencement, giant figuline, landscape showplace,elder birthday and indoor decorate paint etc. China has the meaning of unique figuline culture, it can supply a width market for digital figuline products. Product introduction: Digital figuline is the technology via high temperature formation of a imagine, it can print your photo and you like star photo on various adorn articles, it isn’t fade and save easily.


crystal frmae,gifts,presents,souvenirs,advertising products crystal frmae,gifts,presents,souvenirs,advertising products
Model:c01 Size:5*11cm Model:c02 Size:9.3*21cm

Frame Frame
crystal frmae,gifts,presents,souvenirs,advertising products souvenirs,advertising products,personalized products,promotional
Model:c03 Size:15cm DIA Model:c04 Size:10*16cm


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