Tin Magnetic Fridges
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In addition to our magnetic business cards and Magnetic Writing Board, we print high gloss sturdy paper business cards and erasable Magnetic Writing Board. Whether you are looking for a Magnetic Writing Board, save the date cards, advertising magnets or any photo magnet, www.promotionalbest.com is your source for fridge magnets. If you are looking for a Magnetic Writing Board or any other magnetic sign, we manufacture full-color Magnetic Writing Board as well.

A magnetic writing board providing a thin, lightweight, durable writing board, which has an internal array of closely arranged magnet assemblies. The magnetic writing board is operated to contemporaneously create a display which may be transferred to a computer for the modification thereof. The image may then be redisplayed, printed, stored, and/or remotely displayed such as at a computer monitor. A portion or all of an image may be completely and immediately erased. The magnetic writing board includes a grid disposed behind a display surface and a plurality of display elements, one each disposed within each cell defined by the grid. Each grid cell receives a masking agent to obscure the contrasting color of at least the forward edge of the display element when the display element is in the back position.


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