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     There is a classical "seven second"principle in advertising psychology,if an advertising can attract customer beyond seven second,at least,there are 70% people are interested in your products,even though he/she don't need.If you want to make your product attract customer,the best way is using digital Motion Calendar.

    Traditional photo,picture,fixed Light-box can only show one picture every time,there is limited to attract customer.However digital multi-image Change Picture can let images continual conversion. If customer want to know clearly picture information, at least,he/she need twenty seconds,beyond seven seconds.Even thought you are not interesting with advertising products,you are interesting Motion wall picture. At present,"New people"are youngster from 15 to 20 years old, they are one of the eaders for fashion product. So personalized showing is very important,traditional media can't attract them. However new digital multi-image Change Picture can meet their requirement on pursuing personalized and changing.It is better than traditiona photo,picture and fixed Light-box.


Super-Thin Motion Light-Box
Light-box,Motion Light Box,Indoor Motion Light-Box Super-thin motion light-box

Model :STML001
Size : 420*355*50 mm

Model : STML002
Size : 540*380*50 mm

Model : STML003
Size :620*460*50 mm

Model : STML004
Size : 890*630*50 mm

Model : STML005
Size :955*690*50 mm


Aluminum Frame

2-3 images per viewing side

Advertising--Indoor Motion Light-Box  

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