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    Digital multi-image display rotary light-box is a latest combinationof flash and rotary light-box, there are 2-3 images per viewing side , and 6-9 images totally. Each image changes very naturally and smoothly in the display which creates the unique flash viewing effect, attracting your attention and greatly improving the advertising effects. It is the best choice of POP advertisment. Now offers aluminium frame or plastic cement frame and also may be customized. 220v or 110vAC.

We have a wide variety of digital printing Products. We specialized in high resolution indoor printing, such as banners, lightbox/neonbox, and large photo print. We also offer outdoor media digital printing such as backdrop, indoor-outdoor banners, and neonbox.
Our display system are standing fixed/rotary lightbox, small winspout, crystal slim lightbox, and aluminum slim lightbox.
For tradeshow, exhibition, and promotion, we offer a pop-up display.


Rotary Motion Light-Box
Motion Light Box, Rotary motion light-box

Model :RML001
Size : 200*388 mm

Model :RML002
Size : 1100*320 mm

Model :RML003
Size : 316*204 mm

Display on revolving three Viewing Sides

2 images per viewing side

Advertising--Indoor Motion Light-Box  

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