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Magnetic Floating Globe: Pass your hand above, below and around the globe as it continues to levitate! The magnetic computer controlled Magnetic Floating Frame will amaze guests and friends. Make this globe a fun gift a curious child's bedroom, a family members living room or you own office. A magnetic field sensor permanently measures the height at which the globe sphere is suspended. The sensor and the micro computer in the base control an electronic magnet in the upper part of the frame and therefore check the distance between the globe and magnetic head. An additional, permanent magnet in the base holds the sphere safely on the frame when the suspension mechanism is switched off. The Portable Displays features: a 4" Diameter Globe, Computer controlled Magnetic Floating Frame, Design layout that utilizes updated map graphics. . Made in China.


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Name:Magnetic Floating Globe 1
C shape 3" world globe display with mould
Globe color: light blue. Dark blue, yellow plastic globe
Light: 4pcs LED color lights
Base: Silver or black plastic base
Product size: 18x8.5x17cm
Power: DC Output 12V, 250mA
Packing: 1pc/white box, 12pcs/carton
Meas't: 55.5x51x35.5cm
G.W.: 12kgs, N.W.: 10.5kgs
1 x 20’FCL:3300PCS

BF004L Name:Magnetic Floating Globe 2
Silver/ black / copy wooden PMMA frame available, with 8pcs LED Lights inside
1. globe diameter: 4’’
2. globe diameter: 3’’
Product Size: Dia.: 19.5X 4.8cm
1PC/White box 16PCS/Carton
Carton size: 47X47X35cm
G.W./Carton: 20KGS
1 x 20’FCL:5700PCS

Name:Magnetic Floating Globe 3
Silver/ black / copy wooden PMMA frame available, with 8pcs LED Lights inside
1、globe diameter: 4'' Product Size: Dia: 19.8 X 5.2cm Price: USD14.13/PC
2、globe diameter:3” product Size: Dia: 18.1 X 5.2cm Price: USD12.95/PC
1PC/White box 16 PCS/Carton
Carton size: 45X45X35cm
G.W./Carton: 20KGS
1 x 20’FCL: 6200PCS

GB005B Name:Magnetic Floating Globe 4
Globe: 8cm or 3.5" Blue, Yellow globe
Base: Oak
Device: Sliver plating metal arm
AC Adaptor: 9V DC 300mA
Production Dimension: 19x8.5x19cm
G.W.: 0.9Kgs/pc Packing:16PCS/C with color box,
Carton: 42.5x42x45cm
20'container: 5200pcs 40'container: 10400pcs

Name:Magnetic Floating Globe 5
Globe: 10.0cm or 4" blue, silver or gold globe.
Automatic rotation system
Device: Silver or black PMMA front surface frame
with 28W fluorescent light inside.
Power: 110V or 220V Production Dimension: 25x7.9x26cm
N.W.: 1.7Kgs/pc Packing: 4PCS/C Carton: 48x33x34cm
20'container: 1,344pcs 40'container: 2,688pCS

Name:Magnetic Floating Globe 6
NO.: PBU001G-B
Ball: 2’’ basketball or golf ball
Device: Sliver painting plastic or copy marble with 1LED
AC Adaptor: 9V 300Ma
Production Dimension: 10X6X14.4cm
N.W.: 0.4Kgs/pc Packing: 36PCS/C Carton: 46.7x29.2x43.5cm
20'container: 15840pcs 40'container: 32580pcs

Name:Magnetic Floating Globe 7
NO.: PBU003-B
Clip shape 6'' world globe display with mould
Globe color: Blue globe
Base: wood base, with metal arm and black plastic support
Product size: 25.5x5.5x23.5cm
Power: DC Output 12V, 340mA
Packing: 1pc/white box, 12pcs/carton
G.W.: 16.3kgs, N.W.: 18kgs
1 x 20’FCL:1600PCS



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