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Theses Portable Displays combines high tech and high style. The brilliantly finished metallic globe floats between the lower base and upper frame. The globe is suspended by an electronic magnetic system. A built-in micro processor continually adjusts the magnetic field to ensure that the globe stays perfectly afloat. When the globe is switched off a permanent magnet located in the base keeps the globe secured to the frame. The stylish metallic finish makes this a current and stylish addition to any home. This unit requires an active 110V/60HZ outlet to levitate.


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Name:Magnet Floating Pop 7
Rectangular style
Silver or black PMMA frame with 2 sets 8W fluorescent lights inside
Eight different inside diameter sizes for different wine or beer bottles,
for empty bottle, the magnet can be fixed inside of the cover
Floating bottle size from 14 to 25cm
Floating bottle weight from 100gram to 2,000gram
Company name and logo can be laser enchased on the face side
1. inside height:21cm Floating object Height: 15cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g
2. inside height:23.3cm Floating object Height: 17.3cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g
3. inside height:24.7cm Floating object Height: 18.7cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g
4. inside height:26.7cm Floating object Height: 20.7cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g
5. inside height:28.2cm Floating object Height: 22.2cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g
6. inside height:31.1cm Floating object Height: 25.1cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g
7. inside height:34.3cm Floating object Height: 28.3cm
Weight of floating object: 700-1500g
G,W,:8.5KGS N,W,:6KGS

Name:Magnet Floating Pop 8
Floating Display Cigarette case. (Non automatic rotation system)
Base: Silver painting plastic base with 3LED
Device: Sliver plating metal arm and plastic head
Packing:24pcs/Carton Carton size:48.1x44.6x41.1cm
Frame size: 12x7x20cm
G.W.:18.5KGS, N.W.:17.3KGS

Name:Magnet Floating Pop 9
Rectangle Style
Silver, Blue, black PMMA frame available with one set round 28w blue fluorescent light inside the circle , and one set 4w blue fluorescent light was be putted inside back the LOGO , There is a small door with a lock in the back of the bottom, six cigarette boxes could be putted inside , could be seen in the front, as the photo.
Floating three full cigarette boxes
Inside Height: 17.4CM
Product size: 30x11.5x55cm
Packing: 1PC/White box, 2PCS/Carton
Carton Meas’t: 63.5X38X44.94CM
N.W/Carton: 10KG
G.W.:11KGS, N.W.:10KGS

Name:Magnet Floating Pop 10
Silver or black PMMA frame with one set 14W fluorescent light inside
Five different size for different wine or beer bottles or other custom objects
Floating object size: 14 to 25cm
Floating object weight from 100 gram to 1000gram
1 Product size:10.8(wide)x18(thickness)x31cm(height)
Inside height: 23cm, Floating object height: 14.5cm,
Weight of floating, object:200-700g
2 Product size: 10.8(wide)x18(thickness)x34cm(height)
Inside height: 26cm, Floating object height: 17.5cm, Weight of floating object: 200-700g,
3 Product size: 10.8(wide)x18(thickness)x37cm(height)
Inside height: 29cm, Floating object height: 20.8cm, Weight of floating object: 200-700g,
4 Product size: 10.8(wide)x18(thickness)x40cm(height)
Inside height: 32cm, Floating object height: 23.5cm, Weight of floating object: 200-700g,

Name:Magnet Floating Pop 11
White plastic cover on the top and bottom
Two steel pipes in the middle
28pcs LED lights
Customer logo can be printed in the top or bottom
Led light inside: 12pcs each
on the top and bottom to light the bottle
Product size: 20(dia)x37.8cm,
Inside Height: 29cm, Bottle height: 21.5cm
G,W.:8.5KGS N,W,:7KGS

Name:Magnet Floating Pop 11
Floating and rotating system device
Object weight: 3-4kgs 180mm top coil.
Product size: 69x835x180mm
1 PC/Carton
Carton Meas’t:204x94x44cm
N.W/Carton:76 KG
G.W/Carton:86 KG

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