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Silver or black PMMA frame with one set 14W fluorescent light inside
Five different size for different wine or beer bottles or other custom objects
Floating object size: 14 to 25cm
Floating object weight from 100 gram to 1000gram
1 size:10.8(wide)x18(thickness)x31cm(height)
Inside height: 23cm, Floating object height: 14.5cm,
Weight of floating, object:200-700g
2 size: 10.8(wide)x18(thickness)x34cm(height)
Inside height: 26cm, Floating object height: 17.5cm, Weight of floating object: 200-700g,
3 size: 10.8(wide)x18(thickness)x37cm(height)
Inside height: 29cm, Floating object height: 20.8cm, Weight of floating object: 200-700g,
4 size: 10.8(wide)x18(thickness)x40cm(height)
Inside height: 32cm, Floating object height: 23.5cm, Weight of floating object: 200-700g,


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