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A decorative flashing light system designed to float in ponds, pools and swimming pools that is independent of wiring harnesses and external power supplies. The system consists of a buoyant, translucent shell 16 that encloses a light array circuit assembly 20, and a battery(s) 24, which is kept in place by a waterproof reseal-able cap 28. The flash pattern of the light sources as well as the intensity, frequency, duration and duty cycles are all pre-programmed into the electronic circuitry 10. An anchoring tether 30 allows the display to be held in position rather than free-floating if desired


Amazing anti-gravity globe. Featuring electro-magnetic levitating technology...pass your hand above, below and around the sphere as it continues touching only air! Floats in space...just like the Earth!

Sleek modern styling--brown/gold globe on brown base. Demonstrates the wonders and mysteries of electro-magnetism...sure to spark a conversation! Compact size makes this a perfect gift for a college student.


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