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Use a custom mouse pads and your promotional product or promotional item or promotional gifts! There are few promotional items with as large an imprint area at as low a cost! Your cost per impression for advertising is low using a promotional mouse pads...lower than most promotional products available.

At promotionalbest create your own personalized mouse pads using a variety of background options, fonts, font size, and font color and border options. Send your own digital picture for us or just use text to create your own personalized mouse pads.

This is a good advertising promotional products, You can print your company name and logo,on the notebook. They can give your customers partners made a profound impact. They played a very good publicity and promotional gifts. for your company establish a good brand.

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Customized Mouse Pads
Name: Customized Mousepads
Size: 210 * 180 mm
Material: PVC/PP + EVA
Features:Contour varied, lively
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Liquid Mouse Pads
Name: Liquid Mousepads
Size: 220 * 210 mm
Material: PVC+Painted lanterns + liquid
Features: With the built-in liquid floating buoys and increase joy
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Calculator Mouse Pads
Name: Calculator Mousepads
Size:220 * 180 mm
Material: PVC+EVA
Features:Combine voice and video, the element of surprise
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Thin Mouse Pads
Name: Thin Mousepads
Size: 210 * 180 mm
Material: PVC/PP 4C Printing
Features:Lightweight and durable, fine, non-slip, waterproof
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3D Mouse Pads
Name: 3D Mousepads
Size: 210 * 180 mm
Material:Lenticular Prints
Features:Colorful and dynamic full pictorial
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