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The products include gifts,advertising promotion products,flash series, stereo printing series,China series,and crystal images etc.Flash series includ motion frame, Motion Wedding Frame,motion children image,motion calendar(computer motion digital calendar,color picture calendar,lighting picture calendar), Motion wall clock, motion light-box, indoor motion light-box, super-thin motion light-box, rotary motion light-box, motion stationery base, motion supermarket shelf, Motion Key chain, motion card, and motion name card etc. We also product 3D stereo decorate painting, Lenticular Printing,Motion Light Box,Motion Clock,Motion Calendar,Motion Waterfall Pictures,Motion Frame,lenticular sheet, 3d puzzles, lenticular labels, 3d labels, 3d motion cards, 3d mousepads,promotion item, promotion gift, 3d posters, etc. Crystal image series are make use of special process and print photo on crystal, cup, plate,clock, shaver, CD box,mirror,key button Various Size. it include crystal image,Digital Figuline image,special decorate,crystal frame,and crystal wedding etc,it is very individual and fashion. Moving Waterfall Pictures and Waterfall Pictures. Moving Waterfall Pictures with Sound. Over 200 Waterfall Pictures to choose from. NEW Moving Waterfall pictures with moving clouds.All products of our company can be customized, you need transmit your photo and image by MSN,QQ,E-mail and other data way to us. As same time we also customize for you,process various photos. We can make them into flash,stereo, and individual crystal products. Warmly welcome your OEM/ODM orders.Moving Waterfall Pictures, Waterfalls Picture, Moving Truck Pictures, Moving Water Pictures,Waterfall Pictures. 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    Feature:landscape motion calendar products are base on common calendar and Lenticular,make use of advance technology for machine,optics,electronic,computer and digitally figure,show various images on one screen,you can see vivid landscape,listen to bicker,birdcall and feel nature.It can make your enjoyself. They are the best choice for family decorate, practise celebration and business activity etc.

Waterfall Picture

Motion Calendar,Gifts,Presents,Souvenirs,Advertising Products Motion Calendar,Gifts,Presents,Souvenirs,Advertising Products
Water--Motion Perpetual Calendar:MPCL009 Water--Motion Perpetual Calendar:MPCL010

Motion Calendar,Gifts,Presents,Souvenirs,Advertising Products Motion Calendar,Gifts,Presents,Souvenirs,Advertising Products
Water--Motion Perpetual Calendar:MPCL011 Water--Motion Perpetual Calendar:MPCL012

Motion Calendar,Gifts,Presents,Souvenirs,Advertising Products Motion Calendar,Gifts,Presents,Souvenirs,Advertising Products
Water--Motion Perpetual Calendar:MPCL013 Water--Motion Perpetual Calendar:MPCL014

Motion Calendar,Gifts,Presents,Souvenirs,Advertising Products Motion Calendar,Gifts,Presents,Souvenirs,Advertising Products

Water--Motion Perpetual Calendar:MPCL015

Water--Motion Perpetual Calendar:MPCL016

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