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Motion Frame--Wedding

  Same Nuptial,Different Wedding

Fashion digital motion wedding can realize several different wedding photos showing on a frame,get rid of tradition single,static photo mode.it can exhibit wedding process again, and make your wedding full of motion and significative. It also can be customized according to your requirement.



motion frmae,motion wedding

motion frmae,motion wedding
Motion Wedding Frame:MFW01 Motion Wedding Frame:MFW02

motion frmae,motion wedding motion frmae,motion wedding
Motion Wedding Frame:MFW03 Motion Wedding Frame:MFW04

motion frmae,motion wedding motion frmae,motion wedding
Motion Wedding Frame:MFW05
Motion Wedding Frame:MFW06

motion frmae,motion wedding motion frmae,motion wedding
Motion Wedding Frame:MFW07 Motion Wedding Frame:MFW08


Preparing for the Wedding Day
Retreating to the Cock Loft
In preparation for her impending departure, the bride-to-be retreated from the ordinary routine and lived in seclusion in a separate part of the house with her closest friends. During this period, the young women sang laments, mourning the bride’s separation from her family and cursing the go-between –; as well as the groom’s family and even the girl’s own parents. Since this extended ‘sleep over’ often took place in the cock loft, the bride’s emergence on her wedding day was sometimes referred to as "coming out of the cock loft."
Installing the Bridal Bed
Preparation on the part of the groom involved the installation of the bridal bedon the day before the wedding. A propitious hour and a ‘good luck woman’ or ‘good luck man’, that is a man or women with many children and living mates, were selected to install a newly purchased bed. (The installation ceremony consisted of merely moving the bed slightly; the actual work was done by servants or friends.)
After the bed was in place, children were invited onto the bed as an omen of fertility –; the more, the merrier. For the same reason, the bed was scattered with red dates, oranges, lotus seeds, peanuts, pomegranates and other fruits. Part of the fun was Digital Multi-image Display Clocking the children scramble for the fruit.
Day of the Wedding
The "Hair Dressing" Ritual of the bride and the "Capping" Ritual of the groom symbolized their initiation into adulthood and were important parts of the wedding preparations. Red, symbolic of joy, featured prominently in the clothing and other ritual objects pertaining to the wedding.
The "Hair Dressing" Ritual
At dawn on her wedding day (or the night before), the bride bathed in water infused with pumelo, a variety of grapefruit, to cleanse her of evil influences –; and one suspects as a cosmetic to soften her skin in the manner of contemporary alphahydroxls. She put on new underclothes and sat before lit dragon-and-phoenix candles.
A ‘good luck woman’ attended the bridal preparations. She spoke auspicious words while dressing the bride’s hair in the style of a married woman.
After her hair was styled, the bride emerged from her retreat. She was carried to the main hall on the back of the ‘good luck’ woman or her most senior sister-in-law. There she donned a jacket and skirt and stepped into a pair of red shoes, placed in the center of a sieve. The bride’s face was covered with either a red silk veil or a ‘curtain’ of tassels or beads that hung from the bridal Phoenix crown. (The photo below was taken at the mock wedding at a prior year’s Chinese Summer Festival.

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